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We have an awesome new opportunity where you’ll get to:

1: Hang out with us in New York City for an entire day (*all-expenses covered), where we can do fun activities such as museums, amusement parks, play instruments in a music shop, eat together, and more!

2: Get a personally customized and hand-painted Forest Hills flag to take home with you

3: Get a $300 gift card for our website for all the music & merch your heart desires!

You’re like family to us, and we want to give you as much time as we can; but our band is growing at a rapid pace, so we won’t be able to do offers like this forever. Make sure you connect with us personally, while it’s still possible!

*All expenses covered excluding: travel costs to come into New York City, and travel costs back to your place of residence or place of next destination from New York City. **Patreon Discount Codes Of Any Kind DO NOT Apply To This Item. Attempt To Purchase This Item With A Discount Code Will Result In A Cancellation.

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